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Update from Israel Ministry of Tourism

Dear Friends,

We would like to update you about the current situation in Jerusalem. We understand that some of your passengers may have concerns regarding travel to Israel, due to recent media reports. Our primary concern is always the safety of our guests, and you may rest assured that we are doing our utmost to make sure that all runs smoothly while touring the Holy Land and the Holy City of Jerusalem.

We completely understand travelers’ concerns; the situation in Jerusalem is without question not positive this week, but those being targeted are not tourists. We have groups in Israel now and more heading there today and tomorrow. None of our groups have canceled, nor should they, as tourism is still operating as normal. This is not to make light of the recent events, but to put the situation into perspective.

Jerusalem is a safe tourist destination and the locals are going about business as usual. All of the Holy Sites are open and operating and no restrictions apply, with the exception of the Temple Mount, which we are recommending groups not visit until things return to normal there.

We are in constant contact with the groups we have in Israel. Please see the below update received this morning from the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

October 13, 2015

“Dear Friends,

Headlines about the situation in Israel can be alarming, but the reality is that:
Everyday life in Israel is normal. Children go to kindergarten and school, local
residents go to work and business continues as usual.

We welcome you to enjoy the tourism sites, museums, holy places,
attractions, restaurants and night life- all open and operating as usual in
Jerusalem, as in all areas of the country.

Currently more than 100,000 foreign tourists are on holiday in Israel enjoying
the pleasant Mediterranean weather and surroundings. Groups and individuals
continue to arrive daily and they feel safe and enjoy themselves.
A wide range of international events are taking place at various locations in
the coming days and weeks including the Haifa International Film Festival,
International Yoga Arava Festival, Jerusalem Open House Festival, Israel
Museum Jerusalem 50th Year Celebrations, 4 2 4 Dead Sea Rave at Masada
Arena, The Dead Sea With International Headliners Skrillex, Zedd and more,
just to mention a few.

In addition, international conferences and exhibitions are going on in venues
throughout the country as planned, the most prominent being the
International Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem with over 2,000 participants
and journalists from around the world.

The Ministry of Tourism is in contact with all relevant authorities to answer
questions which may arise.

We look forward to welcoming you to Israel.”

Amir Halevi
Director General Israel Ministry of Tourism

imagine Tours & Travel is in constant contact with our Israel office partners, professional guides, as well as other contacts we have on the ground to get the latest news and details of what’s happening throughout Israel. We are also in constant contact with our groups to make sure that all is well, and we hear that they are having a marvelous time and feel completely safe throughout the tour. Our guides and bus drivers receive regular updates from the authorities, advising them of any possible locations to avoid. At present, tourists are visiting all sites listed in their programs. We would be happy to address any further questions or concerns you may have.

Best regards,

Rick Ricart
imagine Tours & Travel