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Update on Current Situation in Israel

With the current situation in Israel being covered by the news, we are sure that you might be wondering about your future trip. I too am watching the news and reading the headlines. We are in constant contact with our office partners in Israel and with our many contacts and friends throughout the country.  We are monitoring the situation very closely. Our main concern is always the safety of our groups!  This is also at the utmost concern for both the Palestinians and Israeli’s living in Israel, as no one wants to harm tourists.  At this time, I ask for you to pray for peace and would ask for your patience to let things roll out as they may in the days ahead. We don’t foresee the need for any of our groups to even consider postponing their scheduled travel plans at this time.  We’re only into the beginning of July and from past experience, the situations in Israel don’t traditionally last very long. Within a few weeks, it’s very likely the present situation will be over.  The longest war Israel was involved in was when they had to go into Lebanon in 2006 and even then this only lasted 28 days before a truce was agreed upon. Israel takes security very seriously, so it’s highly unlikely this will continue to any great length.

We are in constant communication with our office partners in Israel along with the Israel Ministry of Tourism, as well as our many other contacts and tour guides on the ground on a daily basis. This morning alone, I’ve already spoken with our Israel office partners twice, and they have continued to assure me that the situation in Israel is safe and is currently contained to the best of their ability. Naturally, we make all our decisions based on the safety of our groups and on the information provided to us by the US State Department and the Israel Government. We will continue to monitor the situation daily, and will provide updates as necessary. The US State Department has not indicated the need for anyone to cancel their travel plans. Surprisingly, groups are in Israel this month, continuing with their plans. In spite of the media, they are continuing with their travel and going about their sightseeing and plans as normal.  All of the major tourist sights are still open and it appears Israel will set yet another record for an increase in tourism to Israel for the month of June. Each month brings a new record setting trend for tourists visiting Israel, and we anticipate the same will hold true for travel in July and August as well.

Here is the latest update we received today from the Ministry of Tourism Office in Israel:

The certified tourism areas and attractions are working as usual and are open to the general public. The government agencies responsible for tourism have experience and know how to react to all possible scenarios regarding tourists in Israel. Tourism to Israel continues. At the present time more than 100,000 foreign tourists are on holiday in Israel, enjoying the many attractions and activities the country has to offer. Some 80 airlines operate flights to Israel. Every day, as many as 20 non-stop flights connect the U.S. and Israel. These flights are operated not only by our national airline, El Al, but also by Delta, United and US Airways, none of which would dream of sending their aircraft into harm’s way. The safety and well-being of visitors is paramount. Israel is well prepared and committed to handling all scenarios. If we thought for a moment that travel to Israel right now was not appropriate, we’d have no hesitation in simply suggesting you postpone your trip.


Rick Ricart

President, imagine Tours & Travel