12-Day Israel/Holy Land
& Jordan Tour

Red Sea in Eilat
Mount Olives
AL-AQSA MOSQUE on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem
The Treasury, Petra, Jordan

The Best of Both: Tour Israel & Jordan

Savor the moment, as you enjoy your first dinner in the Holy Land. We’ll spend the night at the Renaissance Hotel in Tel Aviv. Today, we head south, and we’ll experience Tel Beersheba, the site where the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob dwelled. We’ll travel through the canyons and highlands of the Negev—from Ben Gurion’s Sede Boker through the breathtaking site of Avdat to the massive Machtesh Ramon overlook. We’ll stop in the Wilderness of Zin—the wandering place of the children of Israel after the Exodus. We will overnight in Eilat at the Leonardo Plaza Hotel by the Red Sea. After overlooking the Red Sea at Eilat, where Solomon had his fleet, we head to Timna Park and tour a full scale-replica of the tabernacle constructed during the Israelites’ wandering in the wilderness. We’ll follow the path of the Israelites as we cross into modern Jordan and spend the night at Petra’s Old Village Resort. You’ve never seen a place like Petra! Located in ancient Edom, this spectacular desert dwelling boasts rose-hewn sandstone, rugged hills, and monumental facades—all accessible through a twisting narrow gorge. We’ll even have a horse ride (included, but plan to tip the driver)! This afternoon, we will travel on the King’s Highway through the land of Moab, where Ruth grew up. We journey to Machaerus, the site where John the Baptist was imprisoned, and ultimately, beheaded. Finally, we have dinner and overnight at the beautiful Holiday Inn by the Dead Sea.

Set Sail on the Sea of Galilee

This morning, we’ll enjoy a float in the Dead Sea. We’ll journey to the top of Mount Nebo, the vantage point where Moses got his first and only look at the Promised Land. Crossing back over into Israel, we will make our way north to Mount Gilboa, where King Saul’s tragic life came to an end. We will overnight at the lovely Galei Kinneret hotel overlooking the Sea of Galilee. We begin the day atop Mount Arbel with a spectacular overlook of the Sea of Galilee and the ministry of Jesus. Next, we visit Chorazin, one of the cities that rejected Jesus’ miracles. We’ll visit the amazing ruins in Magdala, the hometown of Mary Magdalene. Next, we take a Sea of Galilee boat ride on the water where Jesus walked. We’ll visit the shore at the Primacy of Peter, where the Lord restored Peter. If time allows, we’ll enjoy the sunset from the Switzerland Forest, with one of the most amazing views of the Sea of Galilee. Overnight is again at the Galei Kinneret hotel. As we journey up to Jerusalem today, we’ll travel through biblical Samaria to Mt. Gerizim, which overlooks the ancient site of Shechem where so much Old Testament history took place. Next, we’ll experience biblical Shiloh where the Tabernacle rested for three centuries when the Hebrews entered the land. We’ll see the cliffs of Michmash, where Jonathan and his armor-bearer routed the Philistine army. Finally, we overlook the Holy City of Jerusalem from Mount Scopus (time permitting) before dinner and overnight at the beautiful Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem.

Explore Biblical Jerusalem

Today, we’ll explore Jerusalem’s history at the David Citadel Museum. Then, we travel to visit Herod the Great’s amazing Herodium, which overlooks Bethlehem, the city where the true King of Israel was born. We’ll observe archaeological wonders from the finds in the Israel Museum. Finally, at the Garden Tomb we’ll have a wonderful communion service. Early this morning, we’ll ascend the Temple Mount, the site of the Jewish Temples and where Jesus taught. We’ll walk outside the Temple wall to the Golden Gate and consider the Second Coming of Christ, overlooking the Mount of Olives. Then, we’ll journey to the final resting places of the patriarchs in the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron. In the Old City, we’ll explore the Herodian Mansion in the Jewish Quarter, one of the houses destroyed in A.D. 70. We’ll walk to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the probable site where Jesus died and rose again as well as enjoy some free time in Jerusalem to savor the tastes, sounds, sights, and shopping in the Old City. Overnight is in Jerusalem. We begin the day atop the Mount of Olives, overlooking Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and history. Then, we head east into the Judean Wilderness to the Ein Prat Nature Reserve, the location where Jeremiah hid his cloth as an illustration to Judah. We’ll overlook St. George’s Monastery in the Wadi Qelt and see a wonderful example of the monastic life of the Judean Wilderness. From there, we’ll walk the very road Jesus walked, down the Ascent of Adummim, to the Herodian Palaces of Herod the Great. We’ll also explore Tel Jericho where the walls came tumbling down in the time of Joshua. This evening, we’ll have our farewell dinner and overnight at our hotel in Jerusalem.