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Tourism to Israel Continues

The Israel Ministry of Tourism sent us this statement today, and we would like to share this important information with you.

Despite the tensions of the recent weeks, tourism in Israel is alive and well and all visitors are welcome in peace. Some 100,000 tourists are currently in the country, and their travel arrangements are proceeding as planned. A cease-fire is now in place and while it is possible there might be some minor blips in the coming days, we are confident and hopeful the cease-fire will be transformed into a durable and long lasting agreement. Some 90 airlines are currently operating their normal routes to Israel, hotels are open and welcoming guests, as well as tourism sites, holy places, museums and attractions. Last year marked the best year ever for tourism to Israel, and the first half of 2014 exceeded that record.  While many tourists delayed or cancelled travel over the last several weeks, the number of overseas visitors arriving in Israel dropped only 20% in July. This obviously means a significant loss of income for Israelis of all faiths who work in the tourism sector. But it also means that a vast number – more than 250,000 visitors – came to Israel during Operation Protective Edge, trusting in our ability to keep them not only enthralled and inspired, but safe.

The Ministry of Tourism, Southern Region is at your service to respond to inquiries, concerns, and to restoring “business as usual.”

For more information on travel to Israel, visit or call us at 404-541-2770.