Clergy FAM Trips

Our exclusive Clergy Familiarization – FAM Trips are designed with you in mind. We have negotiated special discounted, introductory rates to allow you to visit and experience your destination at a significantly lower price before leading your own group. The discounted rates are subsidized by imagine Tours and Travel and their overseas partners. FAM trips are offered exclusively to ordained clergy and educators who are interested in hosting a future group tour. One of the greatest challenges in ministry is to provide meaningful and interesting Christian education for adults. The hunger for Biblical knowledge and understanding, as well as a desire to better understand Christian theology and history, is frequently requested by lay people. One of the best ways to meet this need is to travel to the areas of the world where Christianity developed. Through a Biblical tour, travelers get to visit the spiritual sites in Israel, follow the footsteps of St. Paul in Greece and Turkey or retrace the movement of the Protestant Reformation in Germany, all while receiving an immense understanding of our Christian faith. Before taking your church members to these Holy spots, why not go there yourself and learn methods and techniques for effective travel leadership, as well as gain first-hand knowledge of the sites to prepare for providing a quality educational tour for your parishioners? This is what the FAM trips are all about. For a very reasonable cost, you can travel and learn along with other clergy. You will benefit from a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, a time of spiritual renewal and development, warm fellowship, and a lifetime of memories.

FAM Trips are…

• full tours designed to help pastors and educators experience a tour and imagine’s quality of service, to meet our excellent guides, to check out the accommodations, and to visit the various sites.
• for those intending to host a group on their own or join (co-host) along with another group.
• an investment by imagine and its overseas partners to help you promote a tour to your group, with first-hand experience of the destination and imagine’s quality of service.
• reimbursable, when you return with a group of your own, imagine will provide you with a partial reimbursement cost for your trip, usually excludes air taxes, fees & gratuities.
• often considered continual education, and many churches will pay the fees associated with your trip back to you, as they see the value the trip offers to you the pastor, group organizer.
• not a vacation, even though we do want you to be fully energized after experiencing one of our trips. We want to remind you that these are not a vacation, as our FAM trips are quick-paced programs, to ensure that we show you as much as possible of the country you’re visiting in a short amount of time.