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Stephen Hein

We just got back from a whirlwind trip in the Steps of the Apostle Paul. We had 26 people on our tour of Greece, Turkey and Italy. We also had a wonderful cruise on the Aegean Sea to the islands. This was my fourth trip with imagine Tours & Travel and it was excellent in every way. The accommodations were superb. The food was great. The guides knew their stuff. I had been planning this trip for 18 months through all the news reports of strikes and protests. imagine Travel and their partners took care of everything to make sure we were taken care of in every way. We didn’t see a single protestor and we even spent hours in downtown Athens. The people of Greece kept saying it’s not the way it’s portrayed on the news. We love the American tourist and want you to come and enjoy some of the neatest places on earth.

I recommend everyone consider the spiritual enlightenment and the sheer joy of a trip in Paul’s footsteps.

Pastor Stephen Hein