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Paul Thompson

For many years, I wanted to visit Israel.  I always imagined how seeing the land of the Bible, experiencing the culture, and walking in the literal steps of Moses, David, and Jesus would be life-changing for me.  As a pastor, I had high hopes that what I would learn and experience there would give breadth and depth to my teaching ministry.  I didn’t want to merely read in black and white about these places and the world-shaping events that took place there.  I wanted to experience them in color!  When the opportunity presented itself to participate in an affordable Clergy Familiarization Tour with imagine Tours & Travel, I didn’t hesitate.  And even with the accumulation of many years’ worth of high expectations, I was not disappointed.  In fact, the tour was more inspirational and beneficial to me and my ministry than I had hoped for.  Our leader was a gifted pastor and teacher.  Our guide was like a favorite college professor so full of knowledge and insight.  Our tour was exceptional, from the itinerary itself to every detail of lodging, transportation, etc.  From the moment I returned home, I began planning my next trip to Israel, knowing I’d take others with me.  Looking back now, my only regret is waiting so long to go. You’ll be a better student, a better pastor and teacher, and a better follower of Christ because of this experience.  If you can go, go!

Paul Thompson, Pastor