I am Pastor Wayne Pask. This is our second tour with imagine to Israel…We felt safe here traveling around here in the Holy City…

Rev. Wayne & Judith Pask

…We are here inside the walls of Jerusalem from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod of the Southeast District…This is our third year in a row that we’ve been here…

President John & Connie Denninger

…”We’ve had a wonderful time here and we’re very grateful for the arrangements that imagine Tours has made and the people of Israel have been so hospitable to us…

Dr. Allan Moseley

…”I’m standing right outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. We’ve had a great time with imagine Tours. They do a great job taking care of you and they do a really good job in terms of security and protection. Never feared about where we are…

Dr. Danny Akin

…”I would encourage you to come to support the country but also to experience all that God has to teach and show you here in Israel. It’s been a wonderful, joyful journey. I want to encourage you to come and be a part.”

Pastor Greg Allen

We just got back from a whirlwind trip in the Steps of the Apostle Paul. We had 26 people on our tour of Greece, Turkey and Italy. We also had a wonderful cruise on the Aegean Sea to the islands. This was my fourth trip with imagine Tours & Travel and it was excellent in […]

Stephen Hein

As I reflect on our trip to Greece with imagine Tours & Travel, I can honestly say that I would change NOTHING. The Lufthansa flights, Hotel Electra Palace, Louis Cruise Lines…all outstanding. The hotel was very nice and super convenient with shopping and restaurants only two blocks away. Our folks were able to enjoy their “free […]

Lindsay Graham

Thank you and imagine Tours & Travel for a gift that will last a lifetime. Still today I’m being impacted by all that we experienced and am relegated to a simple “wow!” Thank you, Rick and imagine Tours & Travel, for your professionalism, attention to every detail and an experience I can’t even “imagine” another […]

Dwight Netzer

My wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Germany.  Our guides were friendly and very helpful.  The hotels were excellent, and the food at every meal was great.  We were greatly impressed!  We were most interested in seeing the Reformation history sites.  Martin Luther and the other Reformers played such an important role […]

Jason Oakland

I just wanted to write and thank you for a wonderful trip. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help us understand what and where we were and to give us a closer look at the places we visited. We were delayed seven or eight extra days because of Hurricane Sandy. […]

Nate Scharf

I was privileged to travel on an imagine Fam Trip to Germany in 2012.  It was such a great experience to finally see the sites of the Reformation about which I have been teaching for more than 20 years.  When you combine the beauty of Germany with the roots of the Reformation, it is a […]

Tom Unke

My wife and I had a great time on the Germany trip.  We had never been to Germany and had always dreamed of going.  What we found was not only a trip to Germany but a great learning experience on the Reformation and Martin Luther.  We both came back feeling it was a great trip.  […]

Doug Passmore

Words (fabulous, unbelievable) cannot describe the tremendous positive impact that my trip to Israel via imagine Tours & Travel has made on my life.  The itinerary really impacted my personal faith life, and has already proven to have provided a snapshot of Israel that will impact my teaching and preaching.   I really was impressed by […]

John Mueller

Traveling with imagine Tours & Travel to Greece and Turkey exceeded my expectations, and I came with high expectations!  The trip was safe, highly organized in all aspects – the guides, driver, cruise, and hotels. There was not a single glitch which was amazing with so many details.  imagine was always friendly, competent and flexible. […]

Dan Chun

Thank you! One of the VERY best trips ever for us was to Israel with your outstanding company. You have no idea how many times I refer people to your company when they express travel desires, especially to Israel. Thank you for the thoughtful Thanksgiving greeting! May your families be blessed beyond measure. Sincerely in […]

Noyes Family

Just a quick note to thank you for arranging such a blessed trip to Israel. Our group had no problems with air travel, hotels, or security. I would especially like to commend our guide Ralph Lewinsohn. His knowledge and professionalism made our trip all the more enjoyable. His local knowledge helped with where to be […]

Jack Bretherick