Imagine News

John Mueller

Words (fabulous, unbelievable) cannot describe the tremendous positive impact that my trip to Israel via imagine Tours & Travel has made on my life.  The itinerary really impacted my personal faith life, and has already proven to have provided a snapshot of Israel that will impact my teaching and preaching.   I really was impressed by the Christian witness of our Christian guides in Bethlehem and Nazareth!

Thank you imagine Tours & Travel for:
– Your excellent coordinated itinerary and profession customer focus!
– Your prompt communications especially when security questions surfaces
– Your very helpful and informative brochures
– Excellent hotel accommodations with friendly staff and just fabulous food and excellent handling of baggage
– Your excellent luxury tour bus where we could keep certain items throughout the day and purchased bottled water
– Your eagerness to connect with our group to reassure us on arrival and checking in as we traveled
– Very skilled guide who was very knowledgeable, who insured our jam packed but timely arrival at 61 sites, who marked a map that helped acquaint us with our actual itinerary; and who helped us navigate initial airport security
–  Excellent driver who showed super navigational skills, stayed under the speed limit and gave us a real sense of security while on the road
–  Your excellent and informative session about  leading tours for imagine in the future

Pastor John Mueller

King of Kings Lutheran Church