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Recent Visitors to Israel Felt Safe

Several individual have just returned from Israel. They did not feel any sense of danger during their time in the Holy Land and wanted to share their experiences with everyone.

Mark Burget:

“I just returned from Israel on August 17th, having traveled there on August 5th. There is no danger whatsoever to tourists. The week before I left, the ‘conflict’ in Gaza was still raging and a few friends asked me whether I was concerned for my safety. My answer was, ‘Absolutely not’. Here’s why. First of all, I wasn’t going to Gaza, or anywhere near it. Secondly, not long before I left someone was killed by a lightning strike in California, which was the 16th death by lightning strike in the US in 2014. No US tourists have been killed in Israel in Lord knows how long. My point – I have a better chance of being killed by lightning, or driving to the airport, than I have of being harmed while in Israel. The truth is, you are probably safer in Israel as a US tourist, than you are at home here in the US. I would not hesitate to go back and have urged everyone who has plans to travel to Israel, to keep their plans.”

Katie Berkompas:

Tim Forkner:

Jo Gardner: