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Greetings from Our President in Israel

Dear Friends, I’ve been in Israel the last few days checking in on many of our groups presently in Israel, and I will be off to Ben Gurion Airport in a few hours to welcome another five groups arriving today. You may be hearing in the news that there is tension in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. The fact is there is always something happening in Israel, and when everything is calm and peaceful is when we are most concerned. I’ve enclosed a few pictures for you to share, if you desire, with your travelers and prospective travelers for your future trips. I’ve spent time all over Jerusalem, east & west in the Old City, on the Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives and throughout. In spite of the media, groups are continuing with their travel plans. There are MANY groups here in Israel, and it’s safe. How safe I’m often asked? Safer than you driving to the airport from your home town. When we put safety into perspective with the states, you realize how safe Israel is, and the number one concern is the safety of all tourists.

I write to share a word of encouragement to show you the attached photos as brief reminder that Israel is safe and groups are continuing with their travel plans. If I didn’t believe it was safe, I wouldn’t be here myself traveling around the country. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and all its people.

Rick Ricart

President & CEO

 October 2014 group in Jerusalem Oct group on Mt of Olives