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If I leave the tour and later rejoin it, will imagine Tours & Travel pay any refunds on the unused portion?

No refund will be made for any unused portion of the tour once travel begins. Also, imagine Tours & Travel is not responsible for cancellation penalties imposed by the airlines if you change your itinerary.

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If a passenger cancels, will his/her deposit be refunded? If I cancel, will my deposit be refunded?

Yes, but with certain provisions. Special refund policies apply on certain tours and airfare programs, and you should consult the “fine print” section of your tour program brochure. In most cases, there is a minimum $300.00 administration fee plus any applicable airline penalties if cancellation is made before final payment – 100 days prior to departure. In some cases, airline cancellation fees may be waived if you can present a medical certificate showing illness as cause of cancellation. Refunds are always limited to the amount recoverable by imagine Tours & Travel, and no more. Ordinarily, it takes eight to ten weeks to process and pay a refund. We strongly urge all tour members to purchase some form of optional recommended travel insurance.

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Are there reduced rates for children?

Some fares offer a reduction for children between the ages of two and 11 by the date of departure. A child must leave and return prior to his “twelfth birthday” to qualify. However, not all fares provide this discount. It is important that you check with our office about a child’s reduced fare prior to sending in registration forms or paying deposits. Please note: The airlines will check your children’s passports if they have a discounted airfare to be sure they are the age they say they are.

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Does it cost more if a passenger requests a single room?

Yes. Prices are based on double occupancy (two people sharing a room). If you require a single room, there is a higher cost involved. Check the “tour conditions and features” sections of your tour brochure to find out what this supplemental charge may be. Triple rooms are also available to help eliminate the need for a single room.

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Are service charges, local taxes and tips included in my tour price?

Service charges, as imposed by hotels, and taxes levied by local municipalities are included in your tour price. See your specific brochure for U.S. and international airport taxes. Each program varies, so please read your brochure and tour conditions for specific inclusions/exclusions. All standard tip expenses are included in the price of the tour. This includes tips for your guides, drivers, maître’d, front desk, and hotel porters who deliver your bags to your room and back to the bus. The Tour Host should handle the distribution of these tips. If you utilize any special services, please tip generously. Some travelers decide to give an additional “love offering” at the end of their tour to the guide and driver, should they meet and exceed expectations.

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Will imagine Tours & Travel help passengers finance their trip?

imagine Tours & Travel prefers that passengers finance their own trips through a local bank or financial institution.

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Does imagine Tours & Travel offer a reduced-rate incentive for early payment?

The “early bird discount incentive” amounts vary depending on the price of the tour and several other factors. Each person should check with imagine Tours & Travel to find the exact terms for his or her particular tour. We work very hard at providing “early bird discount incentives” to our passengers.

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When is full payment due?

Final payment is due in imagine Tours & Travel’s office a minimum of 90 days prior to departure. Please check your individual tour brochure for specific dates. If you prefer, you can make periodic installment payments instead of paying in one lump sum. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for the initial deposit. The remaining balance must be paid via personal check, cashier’s check, or money order.

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