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Everyday Life in Israel is Returning to Normal

We received this update today from the Israel Ministry of Tourism concerning the situation in Israel. Since the safety of our passengers is our number one priority, we want to share this important information with you.

Headlines about the situation in Israel can be alarming, but the reality is that everyday life is returning to normal. The vacation season is now in full swing and currently there are thousands of overseas tourists enjoying the attractions, weather and surroundings throughout Israel. Groups and individuals continue to arrive daily and they feel safe and enjoy themselves, according to their testimonials.

The Ben Gurion Airport is open and has been operating nonstop. The Israeli Airlines and foreign carriers have maintained their regular flight schedules to and from Israel. Tourism sites, museums, holy places, attractions and night life are open and operating. Outdoor festivals are taking place as are concerts by foreign performers.

The Ministry of Tourism, Southern Region is at your service to respond to inquiries, concerns, and to restoring “business as usual.” For more information on travel to Israel, visit or call us at 404-541-2770.