Air & Accommodations

What is the luggage allowance?

Luggage is limited to one large suitcase per person, a carry-on bag that fits in the overhead compartment, and a personal bag that fits under the seat. Check with your airline for size and weight limits (usually not to exceed 40-50 lbs. for large suitcase), as airlines restrictions may vary. You may be charged a large penalty for any extra weight.

Does imagine Tours & Travel recommend travel insurance?

When traveling internationally, travel insurance should be a priority. We recommend trip insurance through Travel Guard. Please contact Travel Guard directly to purchase it at either 1-800-826-1300 and reference agent code 127152 or click here for more information. The cost for this insurance is usually very low compared to the trip cost and may become the most cost effective investment you could make if you must cancel last minute or if you are delayed overseas.

How does imagine Tours & Travel assign berths for its cruise offerings?

imagine Tours & Travel assigns and confirms cabin space/berthing by category upon receipt of the required $500 per person confirmation deposit. Occasionally, certain types of ships require 25% deposits, i.e. $650-$750 per person deposits. In some cases, passengers request certain types of cabins and berthing arrangements that exceed the availability. In such a case, we meet special requests on a first-come, first-served basis. Anyone who is not given the specific accommodations he has requested will be given the next closest type of cabin available. Plus, in the event of any cancellations, he will have priority in securing the original request. On any cruise ship, there are only so many minimum-price accommodations, so the passenger must understand that they may have to pay a higher price if the cabin accommodations have been exhausted. On the Aegean 3- and 4-day Greek cruises, the category differentials range from $120 to $195 additional per person.

What type of ship does imagine Tours & Travel use?

imagine Tours & Travel strives to book clean and comfortable cabin accommodations. Special emphasis is placed on comfort and attractive surroundings in the public areas, such as lounges, swimming pools, game rooms, and dining rooms. In all cases, you receive comfortable, convenience, and pleasant surroundings. A word of caution, though. Some travel organizations tend to over-glamorize the conditions and features of their cruise ships. Remember that different people are affected quite differently by terms such as “luxury” or “luxurious.” So imagine Tours and Travel prefers to use the terms of quality, comfort, and convenience.

Do airport taxes have to be prepaid?

Yes. This is required by the airlines at the time we issue your airline tickets and also assures faster check-in at airports. We pay this in advance due to many international airports requiring taxes paid in the currency of their country if not paid in advance.

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