What’s a Tour Host?

Benefits of Being a Tour Host

Organizing a group on one of our amazing trips allows you to travel with others who share your passion. Pastors, college professors or activity coordinators, small group leaders, or any other person in leadership can become a tour host. A well-conducted group tour makes the difference for travelers. We’ll help guide you toward becoming an experienced tour host. Also, we’ll show you how to design a list of prospects and how to present yourself to them. If you’ve never traveled with us before, consider first participating in one of our Clergy Familiarization Trips. These programs are exclusively for pastors and organization leaders so they can experience travel the way it’s meant to be before they host a group on a tour.

Once you’re ready to be a tour host, follow these four simple steps for a journey of a lifetime.

Step 1: Decide to be a Tour Host

When it comes to the exciting world of group travel, there are so many different options. Browse through our various tour itineraries to get an idea of what kind of trip you’d like to promote. We can also customize a tour to your particular specifications.

Step 2: Market

We make promoting your trip simple. Our complimentary, personalized, full-color brochures show the detailed itinerary as well as all of the terms and conditions. Registration forms are included with the brochures. Your passengers have the option of sending in a hard copy via mail, fax or email as well as registering online. We also send you additional promotional materials that can be used to build excitement.

Personal invitations, phone calls, letters/emails, announcements in bulletins or newsletters will help you stimulate interest in this incredible journey. A great way for a tour host to advertise their upcoming trip is to plan a get-together. A simple coffee hour, Hors d’oeuvre party or ice cream social is an effective way to share information with those who live in close proximity to you. To reach those who live farther away, a virtual presentation and social media are good options. Using the electronic PDF of the brochure – as well as the digital files provided on the flash drive in your tour host package – along with the resources on our website will help make it easy for you to spread the word. Remember to also encourage those you know to invite others.

Step 3: Follow up

Once you’ve booked your trip and started promoting it, be sure to follow up with potential travelers. Don’t forget to have a sign-up sheet for those that are interested in your trip, even if they cannot make it to any of your meetings. It’s important to have a sign-up sheet with name, phone and email, so you can easily follow-up with them in the future! Successful tour hosts stay in touch with individuals who have shown interest.

Your passion and excitement will be contagious all the way up to the registration deadline. Our office will keep you informed on the status of registrations received for your trip so you can follow up as necessary.

Step 4: Travel

After registrations are complete, the final deadline has passed and the tour has been finalized, imagine Tours & Travel will take care of all final travel documents for your group. We will send these to the tour host along with name tags, flight bags, luggage tags, study guide, and additional literature to help prepare for their trip.  All you have to do is pack and enjoy watching each of your group members experience travel the way it’s meant to be!