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Martin Luther Reformation

Martin Luther Reformation Celebrate 500 years of the Martin Luther Reformation in 2017

Not many individuals are known for having “changed the history of the world.” Yet, Martin Luther, truly is one of these unique people. Born in 1483, this energetic and charismatic German became the Father of the Reformation, earning him the right to be considered among the giants of history. The Martin Luther Reformation altered religion around the world. Experience this monumental event for yourself. Whether you are interested in a tour built around the Protestant Reformation, or one that focuses on the culture and history of Germany while touching on the Reformation, we have the right tour for you! Check out upcoming Luther Reformation tours to experience Germany like never before.

If you are a pastor who would like to lead a tour to Germany so your church can celebrate the Martin Luther Reformation, our programs can be customized to your specific needs, spiritual objectives, and group size. We’ll work with you to identify what type of experience you’re looking for, and your custom itinerary will allow you and your people to experience God in a unique way. Click on the sample itineraries below to get an idea of the sites you can visit. Our sales department can walk you through the process step by step, making sure the tour is personalized for your group. Once the itinerary is finalized, we make promoting your trip simple. Our complimentary, personalized, full-color brochures show the detailed itinerary as well as all of the terms and conditions. Registration forms are included with the brochures. Your passengers have the option of sending in a hard copy via mail, fax or email as well as registering online. We also send you additional promotional materials that can be used to build excitement.

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